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Carlos Began his musical education at the age of six, studying guitar with the prestigious teacher César Ureña at the Profesional Conservatory of Music "Esteban Sánchez" in Mérida (Spain). As he completed a guitar degree, Carlos was already playing as a soloist in the Conservatory's Orchestra of Mérida and played in several chamber music groups.

Carlos directed the "Camara Verdi Group" for 4 years from 1999, playing classical and jazz music, and performing all over Spain. In 2003 he won the first award in the "Young Performers of Extremadura", funded by the Spanish Government.

He continued his studies in Cordoba (Spain) where he obtained an Honours Degree in Classical Music with the international soloist Miguel Ángel Pérez Rizzi in 2005. While studying in Córdoba, he took advance courses with renewed international teachers such Ricardo Gallén, Carles Trepat, Roberto Aussell, Javier Verchet and Alfonso Pais.

He completed his studies in Brussels with Antigoni Goni obtaining a flexible degree in 2006. During his career, Carlos has performed numerous recitals and projects, performing extensively around Spain, France and Belgium, before relocating to London.

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